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In Situ

GRAFTA ™  has significant in situ (in place) applications and can provide a very effective tool in the management of contaminated groundwater in brownfields and other industrial and mining sites. 

The passive nature of GRAFTA ™ provides long term contaminant removal, and when integrated into a permeable reactive barrier it can provide a high level of risk management and prevent the migration of contaminated groundwater further into the environment. 

GRAFTA ™ has been designed to removed industrial contaminants that can be a difficult to manage such as:

  • Hydrocarbons, including BTEX, Chlorinated Solvents, PAH's, Phenols and more;

  • Metals including mercury, arsenic, selenium and more. 

The exceptional adsorption capacity of GRAFTA ™ and its near-zero leaching capabilities supports long-term contaminant management that far exceeds other available technologies such as activated carbon.   

For further information on the in situ applications please read the case study on In Situ Hydrocarbon removal. 

Contact Us to find out more about how GRAFTA ™ can provide a contaminant removal solution for your organization or community. 

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