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Nanotechnology Removes Selenium From Mine Waters: Case Studies

GRAFTA Nanotech Inc. CEO, Mark Bentsen will be presenting at the North American Metals Council - Selenium Working Group (NAMC-SWG) 34th Biannual meeting on June 21st at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Mark will be presenting on the successes of graphene nanotechnology and reviewing case studies showing its ability to remove selenium from a number of mine tailing waters.

The Selenium Working Group of the North American Metals Council (NAMC SWG) comprises professionals from industry and consulting engaged in sharing and commissioning technical research on issues pertaining to ecological and human health effects, regulation, and water treatment of selenium in the context of industrial discharges.

Activities include:

  • Support of research to inform the development of water quality and biological tissue-based standards/guidelines for selenium;

  • Implementation and application of standards/guidelines (e.g., sampling and analysis techniques and technologies);

  • Development of effects thresholds;

  • Identification of analytical methods pertinent to such standards/guidelines; and

  • Review of technologies for the treatment of selenium in waste waters.

As part of its ongoing efforts, the NAMC SWG develops white papers and peer-reviewed journal articles on these topics for public sharing. In addition, the NAMC SWG provides scientific/technical input when there are opportunities to comment on revisions to various North American regulations regarding selenium in the context of environmental protection (see below).

The NAMC SWG meets biannually in the United States (associated with the North American meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)) and once mid-year in Canada.

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