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5 key benefits of GRAFTA

GRAFTA has significant potential to revolutionize industrial wastewater treatment through advanced nanotechnology, promoting cleaner and more sustainable mining, industrial and in situ remediation operations.

5 key benefits that set GRAFTA in a class of its own are:

  1. Superior Contaminant Removal: GRAFTA utilizes advanced graphene nanotechnology to effectively remove a wider range of contaminants simultaneously, including metals, heavy metals, inorganics, and organics from mining and industrial wastewater. This high level of contaminant removal ensures cleaner discharge and compliance with environmental regulations​.

  2. High Adsorption Capacity: The unique folded carbon lattice structure of graphene used in GRAFTA provides an exceptionally high specific surface area of up to 2600 m² per gram. This vast surface area allows for efficient adsorption of contaminants, ensuring effective purification of wastewater​.

  3. Near Zero Leaching: One of the standout features of GRAFTA is its ability to retain contaminants with near-zero leaching. Once contaminants are adsorbed, they are not easily released back into the environment, providing a more stable and reliable solution for long-term contaminant management​.

  4. Integration and Scalability: GRAFTA is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing industrial operations. Its passive technology can be applied in various configurations, including in-line, end-of-line, and as part of permeable reactive barriers for in situ applications. This flexibility makes it a scalable solution for a wide range of water remediation needs.

  5. Sustainability and Efficiency: GRAFTA's technology supports sustainable industrial practices by providing an efficient method for wastewater remediation. Its high efficiency and low leaching properties reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes and contribute to overall sustainability efforts in water management​.

To find out more about GRAFTA and how it is created visit the White Paper and the Contaminant Matrix to gain a deeper understanding of the the potential of GRAFTA.

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