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GRAFTA™ - An innovative graphene-based adsorbent for contaminated site risk management

GRAFTA Nanotech Inc. CEO, Mark Bentsen will be presenting at the 2024 Federal Contaminated Sites Workshop on June 27 in Edmonton, Alberta.

There are over 4000 sites in Canada with a wide range of contaminants in soil and groundwater, including heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs and others. Remediation or risk management of the typically large-scale sites, as a key component of the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) is often hindered by technological challenges regarding hard to remove contaminants such as heavy metals and complex organic compounds.

Mark will be discussing the opportunities that GRAFTA presents for the removal of key contaminants and risk management of contaminated sites. The unique design of GRAFTA offers significant potential for the in situ management of contaminated sites and the passive design is optimally suited for applications in remote locations with limited infrastructure, common with many of the Northern contaminated sites.

The RPIC Federal Contaminates Sites Workshop is the leading professional development workshop for federal and industry environmental professionals involved in the management and remediation of federal contaminated sites. It will provide a forum for the contaminated sites community to learn about technical, scientific, and organizational innovations and best practices. This year with a focus on the Northern regions of Canada with a strong focus on indigenous engagement and northern remediation.

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