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Webinar: GRAFTA™, a graphene-based technology for multirange contaminant removal from water

Join Dr Edwin Safari as he introduces GRAFTA™, a novel patented graphene-based adsorbent for water and wastewater treatment and in-situ remediation to GeoEnviroPro, a platform of education and training for a sustainable future.

May 8, 2024. 10am PST (1pm EST)

Please click the following link to register:

GeoPro Talks are a series of weekly webinar allowing attendees to learn about specific topics related to environmental sciences. Each GeoProTalk is lead by a senior specialist who’ve spent years in the field gathering experience and knowledge.

Sign up for the GeoProTalk webinars, even if you can’t attend the live sessions, the replays are online for 48 hours after the live event!

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